The story behind the colour choice: I wanted to use up fibers from my stash. First it was going to be black on confederate grey linen. But when I got out the linen, I discovered I had used some of it and no longer had enough length (41 inches). Then I tried my white linen and same deal. So I went back to my stash and discovered this lovely variegated skein of Waterlilies Forest Fire. So I decided on that and I chose the other two greens based on the green in the Waterlilies.

This is a large piece, so I'll have to keep buying more floss. I ordered a few more skeins of the Waterlilies from Traditional Stitches in Calgary, so I think I'll have enough of that.

And Wendy, you're so right about the fence part (February's chart). It's tedious stitching and is driving me nuts. I do a bit of that, and then go and do something else in the variegated silk or the medium green. Some of us find it boring to stitch, but others just find it relaxing. It's fun to see how we all react differently to things.