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    Password protection

    I've saved the Maharajah pattern into Adobe Acrobat on my phone, and because of the password protection I can't mark what I've done. Is there any way around that or will I have to print it and go hard copy?

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    I think you need a special app to mark off but am not totally sure - I print mine out and mark off that way - I have never tried using an app to do it but if anyone knows of one that can be used and works brilliantly I would be interested xx
    hugs Chris x - GK WIP -Boys on the Shore

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    I can mark my others off on there but just not this one

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    Sorry, can't help, but I'll be interested in the answer.

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    There is an app called GoodReader which can be used on ipad/iphone (I have it on my ipad). I haven't used it much as I prefer scribbling over my patterns in bright neon colours that give you retina burn. But have a look at this thread. It is mentioned in post 11 onwards. I bought GoodReader when I read that thread. I have used it but I haven't used it enough.

    It costs $4.99US and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on iOS6 or later.

    If you don't have an iphone unless anyone else can advise, it is a case of searching the internet for an app compatible with your phone and checking out the reviews.

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    Rachel you're an angel. Good reader works

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    Really pleased it is working for you! It is well worth the money. I hadn't really used it as when I first tried it I got frustrated - didn't really read the instructions properly. But I persevered and have been wondering for a while if I should ditch the neon markers and paper for using the App. Which sounds like a great idea until you realise I am the sort of person who could actually start marking off on the screen in marker pen....... And I have become rather addicted to my retina-burning coloured pages.

    I haven't upgraded Goodreader for over a year as I read the comments and it seemed that people were not happy to pay for an upgrade that did not seem to bring any enhanced benefits. Maybe that has changed. But then, I haven't needed to upgrade as it does what I need it to, which is mark off the symbols.
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