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Thread: bobbin winding

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    bobbin winding

    Oh no! I think I just hit delete and my question was delete and not post. Prepping for your project---In the past I have used a 'baggie' system. I just recently got some bobbins and I am thinking of using those for when I decide which pattern to pick. When you wind on your bobbin--do you just do it as one long thread or do you pre-cut into certain length? If so, what length? 6in, 12in, 15in, etc. Do you wind all 6 threads together or do you separate them? On projects with blended thread-do you ever wind blended onto a bobbin? Also I am curious, I normally 'jump' around when I stitch instead of finishing a 10X10 section which at times can be tough when I have just one stitch to do and all around has been done. Do you ladies ever do this or do you find it better to work on the 10X10 section and move onto the next. Thanks for your input as I am nervous about doing anything of this size and some have high complexity but, they are gorgeous and I can no longer resist so I must narrow my choice to one. Thx, Em.

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    Hi Emma, and welcome to Golden Kite! You can have lots of fun here with like-minded people. I can't answer your bobbin question as I use Floss-a-Way bags and love them, but there are others here who use bobbins and will reply. As to the stitching methods, we all do it differently. I tend to jump around, stitching one symbol to the end of the thread if at all possible, and then fill in the single 'confetti' stitches as and when I want.

    It sounds like you are about to make your first GK purchase - exciting times! Which ones are you contemplating? Don't be nervous - the charts are very detailed, but you just take it one stitch at a time and you will have a masterpiece. Please consider joining our Stitch-Alongs (SAL's) once you start stitching. They are great motivators and we will all get to follow your progress. If you have any questions, just ask.

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    Hi Emma and welcome I use bobbins and wrap the floss from the skein uncut. I jump about when stitching and go wherever I feel like. I try and do the confetti sts as I come to them but usually fail! I stitch with aprox 24inches thread lengths sometimes longer.

    When I'm kitting up a new project I select all the threads I need for the pattern (on bobbins) and place them in a plastic thread storage box. I'm lazy and hate kitting up so I dont bobbinate the blends I need till I come to them on the pattern and then just measure off the 2 colours I need and wrap them on a new cardboard bobbin and number it up so eventually I have all the colours I need all neat and bobbinated. I'm sure you will find your own way of doing things but that way works for me

    Edit, let us know what pattern your going to stitch, I'm nosy
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    Hi Emma, welcome. I wind mine one hole skein in one, as for stitching I do one symbol at a time for a hole page. Marking your pattern is a big help, I don't know how I did it before, also I grid my fabric. Oh, I blend my thread as I go. Have fun it's all one stitch at a time so don't worry.
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    Welcome Emma!

    How exciting to be choosing your first pattern. There are so many good choices. Good questions about bobbins. I'm not much help with bobbins. I generally leave my floss in skeins and pull what I need, when I need it, although I do have a box full of bobbins. I usually wind the last few yards of a skein on a bobbin.

    Thanks for your explanation, Abi. That gives me some good ideas for me to try when I start a blended pattern.

    Emma - My first Goldenkite was to do the free Rose pattern, which was a good way to get started and try doing blends.

    As Wendy suggested, we would love to have you join our Stitch Alongs - either with your current pattern or whatever GK pattern you choose.

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    Hi Emma welcome to gk I am another one who uses Robbins. My threads are stored on b ok bobbins in a cabinet so I just take them out and put them in a bobbin box or two x my first one was reading by the window
    hugs Chris x - GK WIP -Boys on the Shore

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