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    I'm Drake, live in Alabama. I'm sort of an anamoly here I suppose, I'm a guy, and secure enough in my manhood to admit I like to cross stitch. And I have a sewing machine, and know how to use it, too.

    I like to make the back of my work as neat as possible, so I do a lot of half stitches and then finish them all at once, rather than completing a stitch before moving on to the next. I do a row/area of one color at a time, then highlight the work I've done. I used to print out a 10x20 block of work in high magnification, but that was just too time consuming. Like stitching in and of itself isn't, right?

    And I stitch good. Just slow.

    working on the free rose right now. I have The Accolade, I'll start that soon, I think.


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    Hi Drake,

    Welcome!! Happy to see another guy join in on the GK here. Your method of stitching you described means you have very neat backs! unlike mine lol but we all have our method and way of stitching.

    You are very welcome to join in our GK SAL that Wendy host for us. I believe the next one she will announce this Thursday. We would all love to see your progress on your Rose.

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    Hi Drake and welcome it's nice to meet you

    I love the Rose you are stitching and hope your enjoying it. I usually stitch the way you do but If there's a lot of confetti or colour changes it gets a bit messy but as long as the front is nice and flat I don't really care as no one sees it Enjoy your stitching..

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    Hi Drake and a warm welcome to GK it's lovely to get more guys on here

    I love the rose and hope to attack mine one day

    I have given up trying to keep the back neat and just stitch the way I enjoy lets face it the only person other than myself who is going to see the back is the framer.... and she/he (depends on which one of them do it) doesn't mind either way lol x
    hugs Chris x - GK WIP -Boys on the Shore

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    Hi Drake and welcome to GK! It is very nice to have another man here - the other men haven't been very active on the site lately. My father used to stitch and he is the one who got me into it years ago. As Lucy said, we'd love to have you join in our Stitch Along's (SAL's). I'll be announcing the next one on Thursday for stitching from Friday - Monday. If you have any questions, just ask. We have one of our members just finishing up her first quarter of the Accolade, and I imagine she would be thrilled to bits to have another person stitching it along with her!

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    Hi Drake and welcome! I am agree with everyone. Actually I like when a man can do cooking, baking...., stitching as well. For me that means they do it better than a woman... LOL
    You see I like most of us here do not care about my stitching piece back
    The free rose is very nice to stitch, I have finished mine(was my first GK pattern) and was enjoying stitching it. If you want, you can take a look at my finished Rose by clicking my avatar. Enjoy your stitching and please show us your front and back, I would love to see it

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    Hi Drake. Great to have you here. The Rose is such a rich blend of colors. Look forward to seeing your wips.
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    Welcome Drake! We are very glad to have you I enjoy telling my husband every time we have a man join us. Stitching is not for sissies, especially not GK patterns! Rosie Greer is another classic example doing his needlepoint! Years ago I rented a room from a family where the father worked on a latch hook rug every afternoon when he got home from work! I always enjoy seeing what men choose to stitch! Thank you for joining us.

    I just finished the Sundowner Rose a couple of months ago. It was a lot of fun. I am now working on my first purchased pattern from GK - The Lighthouse. I hope you will join our stitch alongs.


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    Hello Drake and welcome, glad you have joined us. We used to live in Alabama.
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