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I have been thinking

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that it is about time I posted here again I have also been thinking that I need to get Optimus Prime back out and see what I can do to figure out how he goes together...... I now know that I have two more little bits to stitch because I emailed the designer who omitted to state that a page with no words on or instructions did need stitching and was not just a diagram of how something went together - stupid man...... anyway I will stitch them soon and then hopefully it will come together and I will be able to take it with me in July as a surprise for Liam when we visit him and Kara x

Hopefully my next post will be an updated photo of optimus - completed and joined together

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  1. WendyLee's Avatar
    I've been wondering what stage you were at on this project and I keep forgetting to ask. You have lots of time between now and July - you and Gill can figure it out!
  2. Abi's Avatar
    Oh I forgot all about Optimus, he's great so I'll look forward to seeing him finished :)
  3. merrick10uk's Avatar
    Lol optimus was in bits when we took him to Liam and I left him there for him and his friends to fathom out :)