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    1. arvatescu's Avatar
      arvatescu -
      Hello ! I am a great fan of GK puzzles, but a have a problem since you changed the site. I have downloaded by now all the puzzles, but today I found that I can see and download some of them, like Red Carnations, but some other older, no, like Yellow and Pink Roses or Still Life with a Chinese Vase, which I have downloaded in the past. I don't understand what is happening. I would like to download the lasts puzzles, Reverie and The Spring Dance, and I can't. Please illuminate me... Thank you. Roxana Arvatescu
    1. Helene's Avatar
      Helene -
      Hi Roxana, members can access puzzles in the Members area. A second area is the Golden Member Download area. Puzzles in this area cannot be downloaded unless you have a GK Golden Membership. The Spring Dance and Reverie are puzzles that in the Golden Member area.

      If you go to our GK Home Page, you will see the Golden Membership option information and benenftis. Today is the Golden Member drawing for the $100 GK gift certificate.
    1. arvatescu's Avatar
      arvatescu -
      Thank you, Helene. My question anyway is still pending, because long ago I could see Yellow and Pink Roses or Still Life with a Chinese Vase, like I said and now I can't anymore. Can I understand that you have made a selection of all the puzzles for the new presentation of the site and you have divided them for Members and for Golden Members, this is possible to be the reason for which I can't see older puzzles ? Thank you. Roxana
    1. arvatescu's Avatar
      arvatescu -
      Like a fact, I counted the downloaded puzzles and I have 71. Now I can see only 8. Roxana
    1. Sammie I's Avatar
      Sammie I -
      Just a question will you be doing a calendar for 2016, or was 2015 the last one.
      I thank you for the one's you did they were really nice. I appreciated them all.
      Thanks again.
      Sammie I
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