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    Juliana, Canada
    "Golden Kite - Customer Service/Comments
    I wanted to express my thanks to Golden Kite - for offering patterns of incredible quality and for providing excellent service.
    I first ordered two of your kits a couple of years ago - and had them mailed to me in Canada. The mail system did everything it could to destroy your shipping envelope but my instructions arrived safely thanks to the care you put into your packaging and nothing was bent, wet, or destroyed thanks to your sturdy plastic liners.
    Today I have downloaded another pattern (to be a little more modern, and to have it asap!) and again, I could not be happier with the result.
    I paid for the pattern download on the 18th and have it in my hands today (the 20th). Who could complain about that? Incredible.
    I figured after all this time I should say thanks - for the service I got so long ago, and for the service you are clearly still providing.
    Your patterns and charts speak for themselves, they are absolutely top-notch and they turn out just as you see online. There is absolutely nowhere else you can find items of this precision and quality and when I invest so much time on a project I want to be 100% satisfied that I'm starting off with the best materials available.
    I recommend your products and your online ordering service to anyone.
    Keep up the good work, in a year or so when I need another design this will be my ONLY stop.

    Melanie, Australia
    "Just another satisfied customer.
    The integrity and quality of this company and the patterns they offer cannot be matched by any other Website that I have seen.
    A true pleasure to do business with and some of the most stunning unusual patterns that become "real life" and easy to follow.
    The amount of information included in these patterns far surpasses anything you have ever seen anywhere!
    I will be purchasing many many more of these wonderful patterns from these wonderful people."

    Wanda, USA
    "Today I received my order the pattern "Fall Lake". I am very pleased with the pattern. The picture is so beautiful and the pattern so unique!
    The pattern itself is easy to follow and I am looking forward to stitching what is sure to be a remarkable project.
    I look forward to doing business with you again!
    Thank you!"

    Jenny, USA
    "I ordered a pattern from you and I am now finished and wanted to show you the finished project. I am VERY pleased with the outcome and wanted you to know what a great job you guys did on the pattern.
    It took me some time to complete, but it was worth every minute and every stitch. I will be giving it to my boyfriend tonight for his birthday.
    Thank you, again, for such a great pattern. I will be happy to refer my friends to your company, should they ever be in need of your type of services."

    Barbara, New Zealand
    "A month or two ago I purchased 4!!!!!!!! of your patterns all grade 4. Can't wait to start them but have to finish my current one , also a master painting 130 colours.
    I have never seen a web site like yours, the patterns, graphs. and instructions are amazing with so much detail.
    Am watching with interest Gary's work as I nearly bought that one but thought I had bought enough.
    Keep up the good work, it's the very subtle shading that gives the designs that something extra, not like the horrible things I see in the local shops.
    Regards to all Barbara Hellier from' the land of the long white cloud'"

    Kay, Canada
    "I like detailed, subtle stitching which gives texture and shadow without backstitching everywhere, and yours look just perfect.
    Thank you for the free flower -- the detailed instructions, and the clarity of the symbols in the design are excellent."

    Jackie, United Kingdom
    "I like the amount of detail that you provide with the chart. I am amazed at the amount of detail that you are able to get in without using backstitch or fractional stitches - I look forward to stitching it up!
    Thank you again!"

    Debbie, Australia
    "I have been doing cross stitch for many years now and I have more patterns than I could do in one lifetime - then a friend put me onto Golden Kite.
    All those other patterns will have to be done by somebody else in the next life. Golden Kite are the only ones I do now. Without a doubt they are the best.
    I have won show champion in my little corner fo the world for "The Accolade". I know the "Mermaid" will bring me first prize and I am now doing "My Fair Lady" for the biggest show around here. I hope to get first prize there also.
    GoldenKite is a terrific site. I personally think it is the best on the net.
    The response from Lotta & Marcus is fast. My biggest problem is which pattern to order next.
    Keep up the good work guys it's fantastic."

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    From your words to my fingers, Wendy. I'll be honest and say that I'm ready for a change of project, but I'll keep at it. I really do like the pattern

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    Good morning everyone! This week is our SAL for GK charts and I'll be continuing on with David. Will anyone be joining in? (Please, please!! )

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    Thank you so much, Debbie and Chris! Yes Debbie, I am thrilled with the charting that Marcus did on David. I'll have to admit that there were times

    February Friday - Monday SAL

    WendyLee 02-22-2018, 05:51 PM Go to last post

    Wendy and Tamara you have both made wonderful progress xx I am so envious as I would love to get on with my boys xxx soon I keep telling myself x

    February Friday - Monday SAL

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    Debbie Kluge

    Wendy, David is just looking incredible! Marcus did such an amazing job with your picture and your stitching is really doing it justice. I also agree

    February Friday - Monday SAL

    Debbie Kluge 02-22-2018, 03:51 AM Go to last post
    Debbie Kluge

    Made progress again this weekend on Autumn Garden Labyrinth. I still have the goal of getting this completed through part 7 by the end of next month.

    February Friday - Monday SAL

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    Thank you Tamara!

    Oohh, your page on Potion is filling in rapidly! I'm loving the contrasts between the three major colours, and eagerly

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