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  1. Afternoon Tea at Momo's Cafe in London :)

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    A great time in London with Gill staying with our American friend Janice
  2. I have been thinking

    that it is about time I posted here again I have also been thinking that I need to get Optimus Prime back out and see what I can do to figure out how he goes together...... I now know that I have two more little bits to stitch because I emailed the designer who omitted to state that a page with no words on or instructions did need stitching and was not just a diagram of how something went together - stupid man...... anyway I will stitch them soon and then hopefully it will come together and I ...
  3. He graduated from & #1

    Text automatically translated from: Ukrainian to: English
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    Finished work on višivkoj 744 Good-Night, did the embroidery 9 months.
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  4. It's a Matter of Timing...

    Well, folks, with all my family weddings, I was feeling overwhelmed. But having thought it out, I know I can do this. Just bits at a time, and nothing too complicated. I've already done Jeff's, so that's out of the way. I'm in the middle of Ed's. As for the girls-something very simple!!

    I can do this-but as I said-if one more relative announces an upcoming marriage, I'm going to kill someone!!!!
    Nirmal's BlogFest
  5. 83 Days...and Counting...

    What is that number, you ask? Why, I reply, it's the amount of days left till Christmas, I answer!! I checked my phone (which has a date counter) and could NOT believe it. Where has this year gone? I know that's a typical cliche, but really-this is amazing. In a few days, it's Thanksgiving (for Canada, for our American friends, a little later), then Halloween. After that, Remembrance Day, and right around the corner, Christmas, and a whole new year to follow.

    Life is going by just ...
    Nirmal's BlogFest
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