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  1. merrick10uk's Avatar
    aww honey we are so glad to have you back with us xxxxx
  2. WendyLee's Avatar
    We are thrilled you came back to us, Nirmal!
  3. merrick10uk's Avatar
    lol I think I might have been with David Cassidy or David Es*** lol
  4. WendyLee's Avatar
    I agree, Nirmal. The older we get, the faster the time goes by!
  5. Bellegurl's Avatar
    Thanks, Chris-and yes, it was a hot, lovely day, and my cousin, Neil is an amazing cook! Ed likes to be serious in all pix-I'm always nagging him to smile-even for this one-he said, 'No, can't do that!'-but Nathalie smiled! However, when he's not posing for pix, Ed is one of the funniest cousins-he's always laughing, and joking!!!
  6. merrick10uk's Avatar
    lol I know what you mean about them not smiling for photos - its hard to get mine to do that and they aren't in an r & r band

    lovely photo though and looks like it was a lovely day for a BBQ
  7. LinenandFibers's Avatar
    Chris, not a surprise you spotted one!! :) and I bought mine last night, just had to!! lol but after I slept on the thought of starting it, woke up this morning and thought, I better wait before I start it, I really am working on my Wait For Me again and I dont want to break the spell!!! LOL
  8. merrick10uk's Avatar
    lol :) might as well feel guilty on mass lol x
  9. Bellegurl's Avatar
    That's great, ladies-each time I start another, I feel guilty-now that I know the two of you will, we can feel guilty together-but it will be a delicious guilt!!! ;)
  10. merrick10uk's Avatar
    guess what - I have spotted one I really want as well - no surprise there lol x
  11. LinenandFibers's Avatar
    Well Nirmal, I am about to join you!! lol there is a pattern in the Last Chance Sale that I can not resist and I know I will start it!!
  12. merrick10uk's Avatar
    lol Nirmal it comes to us all eventually where we just can not resist starting another pattern and as you quite rightly say the GK ones are so huge that doing more than one at a time helps you finish the larger ones or they would be banished to the back of the cupboard to maybe not be brought out again xxxxx I would love to see your wedding one when you are ready to upload it for us x
  13. merrick10uk's Avatar
    what a good quote
  14. Bellegurl's Avatar
    Thanks Chris!:heart:
  15. Bellegurl's Avatar
    Thanks, Chris! Yes, can anyone tell, what my favourite colour is? Actually, I prefer burgundy, but this is not far off! :D
  16. merrick10uk's Avatar
    Nirmal, Accolade is looking fantastic and I look forward to the next update he matches the colour scheme of your blog xx
  17. merrick10uk's Avatar
    Well done Nirmal I am glad to see that you managed to suss the blogs customising out and it is looking good x
  18. Bellegurl's Avatar
    By the way, it took me forever to customize this sucker!